Fructose Not Associated with Increased Body Weight, According to Review

A recent review found no association between fructose and several factors such as body weight, glycemic control and blood pressure.

The researchers examined 20 trials that evaluated the effect of fructose on different health factors. They found that replacing glucose with fructose was associated with a significant decrease in body weight. Additionally, the authors determined that, as was found in their earlier research, “fructose appears to have a clinical benefit over glucose” when considering glycemic control. Results of the review also showed that equal replacement of glucose by fructose led to significant reductions in blood pressure. The researchers also found that fructose did not lead to risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) when compared to glucose.

The researchers concluded that fructose is no worse than glucose in its effects on lipids, insulin and NAFLD and “may also have important advantages for body weight, glycemic control, and blood pressure over glucose.”

Current Opinions in Lipidology, 25(1): 8-19 “Fructose vs. glucose and metabolism: do the metabolic differences matter?” Authors: Sievenpiper, J.L., de Souza, R.J., Cozma, A.I., Chiavaroli, L., Ha, V., & Mirrahimi, A.